Consider Signing up for a Fuel Oil Budget Plan

The weather’s starting to heat up, and many oil heating customers in New York and Connecticut aren’t thinking about their home heating oil tanks. But there is one important consideration you should take into account over the summer—how you’re planning to pay your home heating oil bills come the fall season.

Now more than ever is a time to be in control of your heating oil bills. If you’re an oil customer of ours (or are interested in becoming one!) consider signing up for a fuel oil budget plan. We offer flexible pricing programs that are designed to simplify your heating bills and take the stress out of winter fuel payments. Now is the perfect time to plan ahead and consider signing up for our budget plan, which spans the 10 months from August to May.

Heating Budget Plans

Benefits of a Heating Oil Budget Plan

  • Total predictability when it comes to heating fuel oil bills
  • Low, regular payments you can plan ahead for
  • No stress of high winter fuel costs near the holidays
  • Small monthly bills you can budget with other expenses

How Our Budget Plan Works

To determine your budget plan cost per month, we use your heating history and current fuel prices, then divide your annual estimated fuel bills into 10 even installments. One of these installments is billed each month, and June and July completely off, with no payments due. It really is that simple!

How to Enroll in a Marshall Oil Budget Plan

Signing up for a budget plan with Marshall Oil is simple. Just contact our fuel delivery team by giving us a call at (914) 764-5766 or contact us online. We’re always ready and willing to answer your questions and help you sign up for a pricing plan you feel good about.

Contact us today to ask a question or let us know you’re ready to sign up for our 10-month fuel oil budget plan! We look forward to helping you reduce your winter heating stress and get low monthly oil bills that you can predict months ahead of time.