What You Need to Know About Buying a House That Uses Heating Oil

Buying a home can be an exciting, life-changing but also nerve-racking milestone, and when you live somewhere that gets a winter chill like New York and Connecticut, your home heating is going to be a priority and major consideration before purchasing. If you’ve bought an oil-heated home, rest assured that you’ve joined a happy community of customers that benefit from safe and reliable heating through the cold season. Homeowners love their oil-heated homes because heating oil isn’t only efficient, it is also affordable. If you’ve bought an oil-heated home, or are considering buying one, there are a few things you need to know.

Oil-Heat Home Sweet Home

The Facts about Heating Oil

  • Heating Oil is Safe
    We know that the safety of your family is a top priority, so you can rest easy in an oil-heated home. Heating oil is naturally non-flammable, making it one of the safest heating fuels available.
  • Heating Oil Is Clean
    If you’re concerned about the environment as most are these days, heating oil is an excellent choice for your home heating. Today’s heating oil burns 95% cleaner than it did 30 years ago, making it greener and a good renewable energy source that produces lower emissions. The fuel has become much more sustainable thanks to ultra-low sulfur advancements.
  • Heating Oil Is Efficient
    You’ll make the most of every cent of your home comfort budget with heating oil. Producing a greater energy output than other fuels, heating oil is one of the most efficient heating fuels available.

Your Oil Tank

Now that you know the great advantages of using heating oil, you need to know and understand your heating oil tank. The most important thing to do is familiarize yourself with the tank gauge. Get comfortable reading it, and always be sure to order oil when your gauge is ¼ full to avoid a runout. Better yet, sign-up for automatic delivery, and let Marshall Oil take care of this for you.

Ordering Your Heating Oil

Fall is here, and temperatures will be dropping soon! Be sure to contact us and let us know if you are new homeowners. Make sure to order oil, so your tank is ready when you need heat, or make it easy on yourself and sign up for automatic-delivery.

Buying a home is a major life decision! If your home is oil-heated, we want to help you make the most and get the most out of it. If you’re ready for a heating oil delivery, contact us today.