How Much Water Does My Swimming Pool Need?

Filling Pool Water

Have you filled your pool up for the summer yet? Whether you are looking to fill your existing pool now or are doing some research for a pool you plan to add to your backyard in the future, we’re here to help! It is very important that your swimming pool is filled with the right amount of high-quality pool water to ensure that it is a safe and fun place for your family to cool off during the hottest months of the year.

Marshall Oil Company provides dependable swimming pool water delivery to homes in Pound Ridge, NY and the surrounding area. Read this blog post to find out how much pool water you will need and to get answers to other common swimming pool questions.

Swimming Pool Water Delivery FAQs

Q: How do I determine how many gallons of water my swimming pool requires?

A: The amount of water your swimming pool needs is based on several factors, including what type of pool you have and the shape of your pool. Do you have an aboveground pool or an in-ground pool? If you have an aboveground pool, is it a rectangle, oval, or round shape? Lastly, the dimensions of your pool, length, width, and depth, are required to calculate the number of gallons you need.

We know what you’re thinking. School is out for the summer; do I have to do all this math? Don’t worry about it! Marshall Oil Company is highly experienced in swimming pool water delivery. We will calculate all of this for you to determine how many gallons of pool water you should order for your swimming pool.

Q: What if I need water for a brand new pool?

A: First-time fills are a little different than a seasonal pool refill. Marshall Oil Company has worked alongside pool installers in the area to make the first-time filling process simple and convenient for you. Just let us know that you have a new pool to fill and we will take care of the rest.

Q: How long does it take to fill a swimming pool?

A: The swimming pool water delivery process usually takes just under an hour. This time can vary based on the number of gallons ordered and the size of your pool.

Q: Where do you deliver swimming pool water?

A: Marshall Oil Company is pleased to offer swimming pool water delivery services to parts of New York and Connecticut. We are located in Pound Ridge, NY and are able to deliver swimming pool water to most of the surrounding towns. You can view our complete service area here.

Q: How can I schedule a swimming pool water delivery?

A: Getting in touch with Marshall Oil Company to order swimming pool water is simple. Give us a call at (914) 764-5766 or contact us online. Our team is highly knowledgeable and will be able to assist you to determine the number of gallons your pool needs.