How to Know When to Replace Your Heating Oil Storage Tank

Hudson Valley homeowners and business owners need to plan ahead when it comes to heating their properties: after all, New York and Connecticut don’t mess around when it comes to winter. Cold temperatures and relentless snowstorms mean that you’ll need a reliable way to store your home heating oil supply. Marshall Oil is here to let you know how to detect when your fuel storage solution needs an upgrade or replacement. Continue reading our blog post to learn the top signs you might need an oil tank replacement.

Top Signs You Need an Oil Tank Replacement in NY & CT

Warning Sign 1: Dark or wet spots on the tank’s underside

Dark or wet spots on your tank—especially on its underside—are a sign that your tank is wearing through on the inside and may be prone to a leak. Oil tanks corrode from the inside out because of condensation buildup on the interior. That means that dark spots are a clear warning sign that your heating oil storage tank is due for a replacement.

Warning Sign 2: Weak or rusting tank legs or components

Oil tanks are hardy and strong and can last many years when properly taken care of. But over the years, any system that is used frequently will start to degrade. Weak or rusting tank legs (or other components) are a sign that your tank needs replacement, which can save you a headache and an oil leak down the line.

Warning Sign 3: Unprotected oil feed lines

Your oil feed line is the tube that delivers heating fuel from your storage tank to your furnace or boiler. If you notice that it is bare copper and encased in the cement flooring of your basement, it’s important to call a Marshall Oil technician to schedule a feed line replacement appointment—otherwise, the copper could corrode and foster an oil leak. You won’t necessarily need your entire tank replaced, but check in with the tech servicing your tank to get their opinion on the condition of your fuel tank.

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Schedule an Oil Tank Safety Inspection or Get an Estimate on a Replacement Tank

Marshall Oil’s team of qualified HVAC technicians will be more than happy to come to inspect your home heating system or give you an estimate on a new tank replacement. We regularly perform oil tank replacement and other heating equipment installations across the Hudson Valley, NY area. Simply give us a call at (914) 764-5766 or contact us online to make sure your home and family are safe and protected with an oil tank that is built to last.