4 Reasons to Sign up for Automatic Oil Delivery

Is ordering oil just one of the many things on your to-do list during the colder months? This season, you can choose convenience by signing up for automatic heating oil delivery. This automated service is designed with ease and efficiency in mind. Once you sign up, you can rest assured that your family’s heat is in good hands.

How Does It Work?

When you sign up for automatic oil delivery, we calculate your annual estimated oil bill based on past years’ usage and current fuel prices. Then we divide your bill into 10 easy payments, which are scheduled for August through May. You sign up once, and then we organize your deliveries and payments for the next year. It’s that simple! Keep reading to see some of the many benefits of being an automatic delivery customer.

Why Sign Up?

  1. It’s easy to enroll. Signing up for automatic delivery is simpler than creating a Facebook account! Just click here, fill out the easy form, and submit—that’s it.
  2. You don’t lift a finger. After you sign up for automatic delivery, we take care of the rest. We will monitor your oil level and delivery schedule, and you never have to remember to place an order again. Rest assured knowing that fuel will be delivered before you run out, every time.
  3. Take advantage of a budget plan. Automatic delivery customers can take advantage of our budget plan, which splits your annual heating costs into 10 equal payments. Over the 10-month period from August to May, you pay one predictable heating bill.
  4. Avoid running out of oil. Last February’s cold snap left hundreds of will-call oil customers in New England without the heating oil they needed. Winters in NY and CT are unpredictable; should something like this happen again, our automatic delivery customers can rest assured knowing they’ll have enough oil to stay warm and safe.

Make the Switch

Marshall Oil is dedicated to you and your needs! Make the switch to automatic delivery today so you can enjoy all of the benefits outlined above, and more! You’ll be amazed how simple it is when you’re enrolled in Marshall Oil’s automatic oil delivery system.