Spring Boiler & Furnace Upgrades in New York & Connecticut

Now that warmer weather has graced the Northeast, your mind might wander from your heating equipment. But spring is actually the perfect time to upgrade your heating system! Whether you have a boiler or furnace, upgrading to a newer unit can cut energy costs by increasing oil efficiency.

Spring boiler & furnace upgrades for your family

Be Prepared for Fall & Winter

Get ahead of the next heating season. When cold weather returns in the fall, you’ll feel better about already having a new furnace or boiler ready to keep your home warm.

Put Your Tax Return to Work

Investing in home comfort is the perfect opportunity to put your spring tax return to work! Think of it as a credit toward a home comfort upgrade, and you’ll enjoy a return on investment in terms of fuel savings and fewer system repairs for years to come.

Cut Heating Oil Costs with an Upgrade

NY and CT homeowners who upgrade their heating systems see a significant boost in heating oil efficiency, which results in a lower heating oil cost each winter. Consider the amount of time your furnace of boiler runs during the winter: if you run it 24/7 for three months, that’s over 2,100 hours of go-time. Upgrading to high efficiency will save you money on the amount of heating oil you use for each of those hours—for the decade (or longer!) that you have your furnace or boiler.

Up Your Furnace’s or Boiler’s Reliability

Newer furnaces and boilers are more reliable than older systems, too. The same way that it’s hard to rely on a car once it’s reached a certain mileage, it’s hard to rely on a heating system to continue working well after 10-15 years of use. Upgrading will eliminate that stressor and give you peace of mind and security for the whole winter.

Reduce Costly & Stressful Heating System Breakdowns

Upgrading can reduce the risk of a winter breakdown, costly repairs, emergency service calls, and frozen and bursting plumbing. Investing in a new system will help you limit “surprise” line items on your spending plan.

We’ll take care of everything from appointment booking to top-quality installation. Click here to request an estimate for high-efficiency heating equipment, and start cutting back on your annual heating bills starting in 2019!

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