Help Us Provide Top-Quality Oil Delivery This Winter

Serving you with the best oil delivery and HVAC services comes from the bottom of our hearts! It’s truly our passion to provide Connecticut and New York homeowners with exceptional energy service, so we strive to make sure we can do so safely in any season. Here we’ve made a list of things you can do to help us consistently deliver the legendary service we’re known for, even when winter weather in our area tries to get in the way!

Clear Driveway of Snow

Weather Obstacle 1: Driveways Covered in Snow and Ice

Solution: Plow or shovel your driveway regularly.

Reason: Having a blocked driveway is unsafe for a couple reasons. First, it prevents us from making deliveries of the home heating oil you request. Second, it stops you from leaving you home in case of an emergency. Clearing your driveway of snow is a good safety habit to keep in mind.

Uncover and mark fill pipes

Weather Obstacle 2: Snow-Hidden Oil Fill Pipes

Solution: Mark the fill pipe and any hazards with flags.

Reason: Things look different in the snow, and you know your home best. If you mark your oil fill pipe, as well as any hazards that are buried by the snow (think lawn gnomes, rocks, stakes, etc.) you allow our drivers to make a safe and efficient delivery of your heating oil request.

Automatic Heating Oil Delivery

Weather Obstacle 3: Cold Snaps Getting in the Way

Solution: Sign up for automatic delivery from Marshall Oil.

Reason: Automatic delivery customers never have to worry about forgetting to order fuel, which can easily happen during the busy winter season. Remember, the colder the weather, the more important it is to either keep an eye on your fuel levels or sign up for automatic oil delivery.

NY and CT: Worth the Weather

Our team of technicians and drivers works hard to fulfill our goal: providing New York and Connecticut with the best HVAC and oil delivery service in New England. To us, living in this beautiful region of the country is worth the winter obstacles. You show your gratitude for the effort our drivers employ every day by helping us with the challenges listed above—and we are so grateful! If you’d like to book an HVAC service appointment or sign up for automatic oil delivery, please contact our office at (914) 764-5766!