How Do I Know When to Order Home Heating Oil in NY and CT?

We get this question frequently. Are you familiar with your fuel oil storage tank gauge? Anyone can learn to read a tank gauge, and being comfortable reading the system could save your New York or Connecticut home and family from an out-of-oil emergency. Marshall Oil will show you how easy the process of checking your home heating oil level really is, and we’ll even provide a convenient alternative if you prefer to let us manage your fuel oil deliveries.

Low oil storage tank gauge

How to Read Your Oil Tank Gauge

Don’t be intimidated—reading the oil tank gauge is simpler than you think. It’s just like reading the gas gauge in your car! Keep this trick in mind while inspecting the fuel level of your tank, and follow these steps:

  • Head downstairs to your basement and visit your fuel oil storage tank. If your tank happens to be outside, be sure to clear snow and debris from the area and off the tank.
  • Check the top and side for a small, clear sight glass. The gauge will show a small marker according to how full your tank is. It can be at any of the following levels: Full, ¾, ½, ¼, or Empty.
  • If your tank is close to reaching ¼, it’s time to place your heating oil order! During the busy season, deliveries can take a few days, so you don’t want to wait any longer or you’ll risk an empty oil tank.

Or, Let Marshall Oil Manage Your Oil Tank Levels

Are you interested in a hassle-free way to manage your fuel oil levels? Marshall Oil can take care of it for you. Many of our NY and CT customers prefer not to check their fuel levels, so they sign up for automatic oil delivery. Being enrolled in automatic heating oil delivery has some amazing perks, such as reducing your risk of a runout, having total peace of mind, and never having to worry about or find time to place a fuel oil order again.

Sign up for automatic fuel oil delivery or learn more about the process by contacting us online. When you enroll, we will monitor your tank and the weather to estimate when you are due for a home heating oil delivery. Click here to contact our fuel oil experts today and request to sign up for automatic heating oil delivery!