Why You Still Need to Order Oil This Spring

The weather’s finally starting to warm up here in Pound Ridge and Westchester County, and everyone’s enjoying the spring thaw. Though you may have already stopped thinking about your home heating oil furnace or boiler for the year, it’s important to order a final oil tank fill before you dismiss it completely. Wondering why? Here are five great reasons to order a spring heating oil fill-up before you start planning for the summer this year.

Why to Order a Spring Oil Fill-Up in NY & CT

Get Off-Season Oil Delivery Pricing

Oil prices are low right now, but demand is likely to increase in the fall when transportation and heating demand start ramping up again. Now’s a great time to place a final oil purchase that you can use to heat your hot water, protect your tank, and heat your home when you need to again.

Request Your Oil Order Online Anytime

Ordering heating oil from Marshall Oil has never been simpler. Give us a call or log into your online account to place your home heating oil delivery request anytime. Or you can even sign up for automatic oil delivery and let us handle your fuel orders.

Cold Snaps Are Still Possible

New York and Connecticut are known for having unpredictable weather. One day can feel like summer, and then we’ll have flurries overnight! Give yourself and your family peace of mind that you’ll have plenty of fuel in case you feel like turning your heater on to give your home a few extra degrees of comfort while we transition to consistent warm weather.

Protect Your Heating Oil Storage Tank

Many people don’t know that warm weather can cause oil tanks to collect internal condensation and corrode from the inside out. Since this damage isn’t visible to the naked eye, by the time your tank sprouts a leak it will be too late to reverse. The simple fix is keeping your oil tank full year-round to allow less room for condensation to collect.

Your Hot Water Heater May Rely on Oil Heat

Most homes that heat with oil also have an oil-fired hot water heater. Since you do laundry, cook, clean, and bathe all year round, it’s important to keep your tank full so you can enjoy an endless supply of hot water.

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